V4 Sustainability Exchange: Improving Competitiveness Through Sustainability Solutions

Achieving sustainable development is the definitive challenge of the 21st century. It is key in avoiding the collapse of our social, environmental and economic ecosystems, while creating higher living standards for our citizens and an unprecedented opportunity to build our capacity to innovate. These are the reasons why all member states of the United Nations – including the V4 – decided to endorse Agenda 2030 containing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and accept an obligation to implement it. Although extensive steps have been taken in our countries by different actors to turn the SDGs into reality, these efforts remain uncoordinated, as cross-border and cross-sectoral sustainability cooperation is lacking, and most stakeholders still think of sustainability as a cost rather than an opportunity. With the Sustainability Exchange, we would like to tackle these issues head on. Our initiative aims to bring government, civil, private and academic and youth stakeholders working for the SDGs together into one platform to enrich action on the SDGs. The Sustainability Exchange Conference in Budapest will be the first conference in the Visegrad countries where political decision-makers, business actors, non-governmental organisations, members of the academia and most importantly young people would convene to discuss and determine action on sustainability on the regional level.

Our collaborating partners for this project

Czech Youth Association z.s.     

United Nations Association Poland

This project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund (https://www.visegradfund.org/)

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