Analyse, Advocate, Cooperate

COMPASS helps to advance V4SDG's mission by shaping advocacy actions and developing sustainability solutions on the policy level

The Visegrad cooperation carries a great potential for the achievement of shared goals and allows us to tackle common challenges together. However, we believe that it is a high time to rethink the V4 collaboration and turn the V4 Group into a strong regional actor, helping to advance the SDGs in our countries and beyond. Therefore, we created the Visegrad Sustainability Cooperation Minimum – a call for the governments to step up its sustainability actions recommending tangible policy solutions and proposing a new vision of V4 cooperation. If you support our vision of sustainability collaboration between the V4 countries, join us in building a strong message for the achievement of the SDGs in our region.

We welcome all youth organisations from the V4 as future signatories and co-creators of the Visegrad Sustainability Cooperation Minimum.

  • New vision of V4 cooperation

    We envision a new model of V4 cooperation, integrating ‘cooperation for sustainability’ as one of the permanent, core priorities of the Visegrad Group. It is a chance to rethink our economies, and social models in order to grow and innovate as a region, achieving a more sustainable V4.

  • Sustainability solutions

    In order to achieve the vision of the V4, we propose a number of tangible policy solutions ranging from cooperation infrastructure, to sustainable economy, to innovation and global engagement. By identifying and recommending series of actions, we wish to reinvigorate the model of V4 collaboration and empower the Visegrad Group as a sustainability actor.

  • Policy actions

    Wishing to make the achievement of the SDGs a reality, we aim to influence the policy-makers in our regions presenting our solutions on the policy level. The Visegrad Sustainability Cooperation Minium will represent a broad agreement between diverse stakeholders and youth actors of the Visegrad Group on the directions of future V4 collaboration to work together in favour of a greener, fairer and safer future.

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Marta is a Compass Policy Officer responsible for drafting of the Visegrad Sustainability Cooperation Minimum. She graduated from the College of Europe and the University of Warsaw, having a strong background in foreign policy and EU affairs. Marta also completed her traineeship at the European Commission, where she worked on climate adaptation and energy transition aspects of the cohesion policy. She also gained extensive experience in project management and non-formal education in the youth sector, working for AEGEE European Students’ Forum.

With any further questions in regards to the Visegrad Sustainability Cooperation Minimum or the V4 Sustainaiblity Coalition, feel free to contact Marta at