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V4SDG Exchange is a project aiming at strengthening intersectoral dialogue and partnerships through in-person and online activities. After four successful Sustainability Leaders’s Forums in all V4 capitals, V4SDG held the first Budapest Sustainability Exchange in September 2020.

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  • Budapest Sustainability Exchange (September 2020)

    The Budapest Sustainability Exchange (BSE) marked the finale to a series of events across the four countries, giving sustainability actors and young leaders the opportunity to discuss how and why the V4 must steer towards sustainability. The event convened a diverse range of speakers and representatives of sustainability, who contributed to thought-provoking debates and lively discussions. In addition to high-level policy issues, the themes of climate anxiety, youth activism and sustainable living were discussed with the same attention as smart cities, circular economies, climate protection and financing the green transition - along with their core V4 aspects. With the challenges facing our region in mind, V4SDG announced the launch of its other project, CONNECT. The implementation of the Budapest Sustainability Exchange was supported by the Visegrad Fund, the Climate Knowledge Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the Human Resources Support Manager and Photon.

  • Sustainability Leaders’ Forum - Bratislava (December 2019)

    In partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Slovakia, our fourth forum brought together young leaders and representatives of the public, private, academic and civil sectors, aiming to expand the V4SDG community and to get inspired by dialogue and action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Slovakia. Our event covered a wide range of topics and formats such as panel discussions on Sustainability for Competitiveness in the Visegrád Countries, Creating Value Through Circular Economy as well as TED-inspired Section with Young Leaders.

  • Sustainability Leaders’ Forum - Warsaw (June 2019)

    Our third Forum led us to the wonderful city of Warsaw in June 2019 to discuss how the V4 could step on the path of responsible leadership. The event primarily focused on SDG 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy), SDG 8 ( Decent Work & Economic Growth) and the overarching SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals). Next to the informative panel discussions V4SDG engaged its audience with two interactive workshops. Furthermore young professionals also had the opportunity to present their ideas and visions during a TED-inspired session.

  • Sustainability Leaders’ Forum - Prague (November 2018)

    Our second Forum in Prague, sponsored by the Embassy of Finland had SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 11 ( Sustainable Cities) in focus with 18 speakers and a very enthusiastic audience. During the forum we held thought-provoking V4 visioning workshops for the first time, giving the opportunity for our participants to let their voices be heard on how they envisage a more sustainable V4.

  • Sustainability Leaders’ Forum - Budapest (May 2018)

    Our first forum was an experiment to bring together actors from different fields, educate them on sustainability, and make them connect and act for it. To ensure the efficiency of our venture, we decided to employ three approaches: 1)Transfer of Knowledge: Every successful effort for sustainability starts with capturing attention and providing verified information to agents. In our first forum we put a great emphasis on introducing sustainability from multiple angles, through multiple solutions. 2)Networking for Action: Impact creation is not a centralised game: agents must be connected into networks which inspire them to act and provide them with opportunities to cooperate. At V4SDG we strive to make and maintain such connections. 3)Intergenerational and Intersectoral Dialogue: From the beginning, we wanted our forum to be a place where bridges are built. Sustainability is a complex issue, and one for all human beings. Therefore, regardless of where we work, what beliefs we hold or how old we are, we must work towards it. V4SDG brings people together to reach what is important for all of us!

Click to view Our First Forum Booklet from the Sustainability Leaders’ Forum held in Budapest!

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